Should I bring my pet's Food?

 Yes, it is best for your pet to continue to eat the diet that they are used to. 

Can I bring toys/beds for my pet?

 Yes, familiar items from home will make your pet more comfortable. Please do not bring anything valuable as pets are more likely to chew/destroy beds, etc. when they are in a kennel than they will at home.  Also please do not bring any toys or treats that your dog/cat has never had at home, the kennel is not the place to try out a new food or toy.  Beds are welcome as long as they will fit in the runs, as are crates for smaller dogs if they will be more comfortable having their crate to sleep in.   

Will my dog be walked?

 Walks are available for an additional fee.  Most dogs are happy without walks, as they can go out whenever they wish, but I'm happy to walk your dog if you would like me to.  We take a short wander around the woods/lawn near the kennel.   

Can you give my pet the medication it needs?

 Yes, for an additional fee, bring the medication and/or supplements your pet takes and I will make sure they get them on their regular schedule. 

What are your hours?

 Available for Tours, Drop offs and Pick ups by appointment only 7 days a week.  Please call or text to set up an appointment.   

What type of payment do you accept?

 I accept cash or check, payable when you pick up your pet.  You may choose to make a deposit if you wish, but that is not required.   

Vaccinations Required

All dogs and cats entering the kennel must be current on their vaccinations.

 Proof IS  REQUIRED that the  vaccines were administered by a veterinarian or at a veterinary clinic. 

  • Dogs: Must be current on Rabies, Distemper(DHLPP), Kennel Cough and Canine Flu vaccines.
  • Dogs:  must also have a negative fecal (stool) sample within 1 year of the day they enter the kennel.
  • Cats: Must be current on Rabies and Distemper(CVR) vaccines.
  • If you have any questions about the diseases covered by these vaccines and the vaccine schedule, please ask your veterinarian.
  • Recommended that all animals entering the kennel are treated with a monthly flea & tick preventative. Your veterinarian is the best source for which product to use.